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Key dates

Amy's Share the Road Tour 2017 starts in Coolangatta on Saturday November 11 with an invite-only Welcome Dinner and finishes in Sydney on Friday 17 November. This is one of two sitting days for the Victorian Parliament at which we will deliver our message about the importance of minimum passing distance legislation. The tour has overnight stops in Byron Bay, Yamba, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Forster, Newcastle and Sydney. See day maps

Amy's Share the Road Tour is a key event on the Amy Gillett Foundation calendar, serving both as the organisation's major fundraiser and a great opportunity to raise awareness and education about bike rider safety in the communities along the route.

In the 2009-2016 period, Amy’s Share the Road Tour has raised over $1.7 million as the organisation's major fundraiser, enabling the Foundation to continue its important work.

Rider registration deposit

In order to meet our Australian Tax Office DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) obligations, each rider is required to make a collective registration deposit of $1,500 (not tax deductible). Payment is due in the following three instalments:

$250 payable at registration

-$250 payable April 30 2017
- $500 payable July 30, 2017
- $500 payable September 30, 2017

Invoices will be sent for deposit balances 30 days prior to the due date.

The registration deposit is included towards the rider's minimum fundraising requirement of $7,500. This deposit is a demonstration of the rider's personal commitment, as well as covering the costs incurred by the Amy Gillett Foundation in running the Amy's Share the Road Tour 2017.


Rider Support

Amy's Share the Road Tour is a truly unique riding experience as participants tour like fully-supported professionals. During the week-long event, riders will receive the following support:

Tour Manager
Experienced Tour Manager Rachael Kininmonth will be the main contact person from the moment you sign up until you complete the tour.

Director Sportif
Simon Gillett, Patron of the AGF, manages the tour routes and all on-road activities.

Team Cars
Each peloton is allocated a team car. The team car follows the peloton throughout the entire ride, protecting riders from overtaking traffic and supplying food, water, spare tyres etc.

Ride Leaders
Each peloton is guided by a Ride Leader, who is responsible for navigation and managing the peloton to ensure safety and cohesion on the road at all times.

Massage therapy
A number of massage staff, including a qualified physiotherapist, will accompany the group throughout the tour to provide rejuvenating therapy for tired legs.

Mechanical support
Two qualified mechanics will accompany the riders during the Tour, ensuring bikes are in top condition, including servicing, tuning and washing as required.


Accommodation and meals
Riders are fully supported for meals (not including alcohol), transport and accommodation from the start to the finish of the tour.


Ride options

Amy's Share the Road Tour is a ride suited for varying levels of fitness and experience.

Each day there will have three pelotons on the road:

- Jens riders complete the full distance each day (approx. 120-200km) at a competitive speed
- Ulrich riders complete the full distance each day (approx. 120-200km) at an average speed
- Goss riders cycle with the Ulrich peloton for part of the route (approx. 70-120km) and then car lift to the next destination

Riders are free to move within pelotons in consultation with the Director Sportif and Ride Leaders, who will take into account the rider's ability and their recovery each day.



AGF App - Scan the QR code below

If you haven't done so already, scan the QR code below, or search Amy Gillett in your App Store to download the AGF App to be kept in touch with the latest information from the Foundation including updates relating to registrations opening for Amy's Gran Fondo 2016.

The AGF App also allows you to keep up to date with messages, directions to key event locations including safety briefings & bus stops, access sponsor discounts and more.







Amy's Share the Road Tour 2017
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Top Individuals

  • Matt Kirwan-Hamilton Luke, Rachel and Hyphen's 2017 Tour $15,804.16
  • Lindy Shelmerdine Lindy's Sydney or Bust! 2017 $10,000.00
  • Lucy Kennedy Lucy's 2017 Share the Road Tour $7,838.00
  • Matt Dimattina There Is No Finish Line $7,675.00
  • Michael Farrington No ID required $7,670.80
  • Jon Irvine I agreed to do what? $7,667.95
  • Ryan McQueen Ryan's Share the Road Tour 2017 $7,523.20
  • Gina Ricardo Gina's Wiggle 2017 Tour $7,520.00
  • Tim Kehoe Tim's 2017 Tour $7,503.50
  • Shaun Mooney STRT 2017 $7,500.00
  • Keith Harris Keith's 3rd Tour $7,500.00
  • Justin Watts Sub4's 2017 Tour $7,500.00
  • Brett Schweitzer Brett's 2017 tour $7,500.00
  • Shaun Gatter Shaun's 2017 Tour $7,500.00
  • Andy Sheats Andy's 2017 Share the Road Tour $7,124.00
  • Paul Visentini Visa's 2017 Amy's Share the Road Tour $4,585.00
  • Chris Mallalue Chris Mallalue $500.00
  • David Moffatt David's 2017 STRT $500.00
  • Mark Textor Mark Textor 2017 Share the Road Tour $500.00
  • Rachael Taylor Rach's 2017 Share the Road Tour $250.00
  • Daniel Liptak Daniel's 2017 Epic Tour $250.00
  • Warwick Brown Warwick Brown $250.00
  • David Moffatt David Moffatt $250.00
  • Mal Grimmond Toll In Numbers $0.00