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What is my minimum fundraising commitment?

Each participating rider commits to fundraising/donating at least $7,500 to the Amy Gillett Foundation, including the $1,500 registration deposit (not tax exempt). The $7,500 minimum fundraising amount must be reached prior to starting the ride.


Is a registration deposit required?

Each participating rider is required to make an total registration deposit of $1,500 (not tax deductible) either in an upfront payment or through the following three installments:

- $500 payable on registration
- $500 payable on June 30, 2017 by invoice to you from us
- $500 payable on September 30, 2017 by invoice to you from us

Invoices will be sent for deposit balances 30 days prior to the due date. The $1,500 registration deposit is included towards your minimum fundraising requirement of $7,500. This deposit is a demonstration of your personal commitment, as well as covering the costs incurred by the AGF in running the Tour.


What amount should my fundraising target be?

Each rider's fundraising target is visible on their fundraising page for their supporters to see. We encourage riders to set their fundraising target at $10,000, or higher if you wish. You can edit this target as you go.


Are donations tax deductible?

The Amy Gillett Foundation has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status with the ATO. All donations over $2 are tax deductible, except for the $1,500 initial registration deposit.


What should I do if I need to withdraw from the Tour?

Please contact Tour Manager, Rachael Kininmonth, (rkininmonth@amygillett.org.au) as soon as possible. Donations are not refundable. If you withdraw within two months of the Tour start date, you are obligated to raise/donate $3,750. This is in recognition of the costs incurred by the AGF in preparing your place on the Tour.


Who is responsible for my travel arrangements?

Each participating rider is responsible for their own travel arrangements to get to the Tour departure point in Canberra and from the Tour finish point in Melbourne. All travel, meals and accommodation from the commencement of the Tour until the conclusion of the Tour is organised for you.


When should I arrange my flights for arrival to the Tour?

Riders should fly into Canberra on Friday 18th November, the day prior to the ride commencing, allowing enough time to check in, collect kit and assemble their bike. We recommend arrival no later than 3pm.


When should I arrange my flights for departure home from the Tour?

Riders can fly home from Melbourne either the day the ride concludes on the 24th November, or the following day on the 25th, to enable them to enjoy a final riders' dinner together as a group and celebrate their achievement. The AGF will book accommodation for non Melbourne based riders on the final night in Melbourne and will provide breakfast the following morning. We would really like you to stay and celebrate this achievement.

If you choose to fly out the day the ride concludes, we suggest booking flights no earlier than 5pm.


Do I need to pay for anything on Tour?

Once riders arrive at the Tour hotel, everything except for alcoholic drinks and personal incidentals is included. If riders have a hotel minibar expense they will be required to settle it with the establishment independently.


What ride options are available?

There are three pelotons available on the Tour to suit all abilities and fitness levels:
Jens - will ride the full distance each day (approx. 120-200km) at a competitive speed
Ulrich - will ride the full distance each day (approx. 120-200km) at an average speed

Goss - will ride a smaller distance each day (approx. 70-90km) and get driven the remaining distance to the next location.

Riders will be well supported by Team Cars. There will be numerous stops en route to refill water bottles and recover. A ride leader and a professional rider will be present in each group to navigate and add to the riders' skill level.

Riders can change groups throughout the Tour.


What do I need to bring with me? 

Suggested packing list

Your bike with 25 - 28mm tyres (we are on some Strada Bianca).· 

·        Sunglasses

·        Helmet

·        Riding gloves

·        Cycling shoes 



·        Medicines (including eye drops if you suffer from dry eyes, voltaren gel for sore     muscles, tape if you require it, headache tablets, hayfever medication if you are a sufferer.

·        Underwear

·        Casual shoes

·        Casual clothes for after riding

·        Sleepwear

·        Bathers

·        Windcheater/jumper/hoodie

Please ensure that your main luggage does not exceed a weight of 15kg to save the back of the crew who will be loading and unloading the bags daily. If you feel that you must bring more gear please use a second bag. 


What is supplied?

We supply you two sets of wonderful team kit by Sub4, a small backpack, hydralytes and energy bars. 

The following AGF cycling ‘kit’ and accessories will be provided:

·        1 x AGF backpack*

·        2 x short sleeve jersey

·        2 x bib-knicks

·        1 x pair arm sun protectors

·        1 x pair leg protectors

·        1 x gilet

·        2 pairs of socks 

·        1 cycling cap

·        Washing bag (all your kit will be washed in this bag and returned to you wet)

·        Maps of the entire route

* Your AGF backpack will accompany your peloton in the relevant Team Car each day.

When packing for the Tour, please consider the above mentioned items to ensure you don’t pack unnecessary gear.

We recommend you name your kit to eliminate confusion (wash bags are prone to opening in the cleaning process and sometimes clothes get left in support vehicles).


What should I wear for dinner?

Dinners are a mix of casual and smart casual.


What is the rooming arrangement?

All rooms are twin share. Please advise Rachael the ride manager if there is a particular person you would like to share with. If not, you will be randomly selected a room mate. this will vary during the tour. There is an additional personal cost to you if you would like your own room. This cost varies from approx $40 per night - $60 per night depending on the cost of the room at the location.


AGF App - Scan the QR code below

If you haven't done so already, scan the QR code below, or search Amy Gillett in your App Store to download the AGF App to be kept in touch with the latest information from the Foundation including updates relating to registrations opening for Amy's Gran Fondo 2016.

The AGF App also allows you to keep up to date with messages, directions to key event locations including safety briefings & bus stops, access sponsor discounts and more.







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